Woof Woof! No Walks Today

Last night my mom and I fell asleep watching a sad movie.  I think it was sad because she was crying, so I snuggled her and licked her face.  Her tears were really salty.  I really don’t know why she was so upset but I am worried about her.  I did not sleep well… there were strange sounds coming from outside that sounded like very angry people.  Usually I would bark to keep them away and protect my mom, but she told me to be very very quiet.

Usually in the mornings my mom wakes up and we dance together to my favorite sounds and then we go on a walk outside. I love walks. I love walking and smelling and walking and peeing on my favorite trees. They are my trees.

But today, we stayed inside and mom told me we could not play my favorite sounds and to be very quiet.  I am sad.  I want to go outside and go on a walk.

I am very worried about my mom. I can tell she wants to go outside too… but for now I will be a good boy and protect her from the angry sounding people outside.

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