Week 2 Reflection

This week I started off with doing some pretty fun daily creates.

The first being: #tdc2207 “Your Brushroom” where I had to find an old kitchen tool and rename it.Ā  I chose the cheese grater because I have never used it without almost losing a finger or too and I feel like that has to be its real purpose: “finger shredder”.

The next daily create I chose was #tdc2206 where we had to tell a flash fiction story about the zombie apocalypse in a single tweet.Ā  Reading the “Twitter Fiction” article gave me some insight on how to be successful with this story.

I really enjoy doing the daily creates because it is a quick fun way to stay involved with other people in this course and see their creativity.

We also did a little learning from the article “Storytelling for the Twenty-First Century” where we dived into what digital storytelling is and what stories are and are not.Ā  I think this article will help me in this course when filtering through my creativity in our assignments.

Question of the Week: In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?

I think I would rather be turned into a zombie… it would be so hard to lose everyone I love and knowing that they are a danger to me. There could be a possibility that I would have to kill someone I love to save myself and I am not sure I could ever do that.Ā  At least if I’m a zombie there is chance that I could still be with my family and loved ones.

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