Tell It/Tweet It Story Time

I’m an outdoor enthusiast, hiking, kayaking, hunting… you name it, and I probably enjoy doing it.  Naturally when I heard they were reopening “Gander Mountain” as “Gander Outdoor” I was excited!  Friends mentioned that the store would be having its grand opening on a Wednesday, so I planned to be there.  

I had a busy week with getting back into the swing of things at school and was honestly a little stressed out so I thought, “What better timing to go do a little retail therapy?” and I left to head to the grand opening. I was excited and already planning out the sections I was going to look since the following weekend I would be going snow tubing!  I needed a good pair of snow overalls and some warm, waterproof gloves.


I walked in and it was SO nice!  I was very surprised there weren’t more cars in the parking lot or more people in the store but I figured maybe Wednesday was a hard day for people working to make it to the store.  I began my search for some good snow apparel and found a few perfect items including gloves, socks, and a warm hat.  An employee walked up to me and asked how I was doing and then I continued on my search thinking, “Wow! The customer service is great too!”


I was just about to try on some awesome snow overalls when another employee walked up to me and asked if I worked there… I was confused and said no… and THEN came the embarrassment.  Keep in mind, I have been walking the store for about 45 minutes now shopping.  The employee informed me that the stores grand opening wasn’t actually until the following day and that I would have to leave….


My face turned red and hot and placed down my finds and walked out with my tail between my legs.  I guess through all the excitement I didn’t realize that I was the only customer and maybe the first door I tried was locked for a reason… LOL

But I did return the following day and get everything I needed for an awesome trip snow tubing!



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