Character Choice and Intro

My name is Sarah Thatcher and I grew up in small town in Southhampton County, Virginia.  My parents owned a cattle farm with many other animals like horses and chickens and pigs, there I learned the importance of a strong work ethic and protecting the family.  My father was the leader of our wolf pack and worked hard every day to provide for us and protect the home and land we lived on.  He made so many sacrifices to ensure we got by.  My mother was love and caring and the backbone of our family.  She was the main support system for us all and just as important to our security as my father.

I had two younger sisters that were just as intelligent as they were beautiful.  I like to think that they looked up to me, and I tried my hardest to be a good example for them.  We spent every morning riding the trails on our horses, laughing and loving one another. Some of my favorite memories of us are from when were riding.  We didn’t have much but we worked hard and were so thankful that we had each other at the end of the day.

Tragically… that all changed one day.  My mother, father and sisters and I were returning from church in town one Sunday afternoon when an 18 wheeler struck the back of our pick up truck.  The truck rolled and crunched and when I woke up… I found out that I was the only survivor.  This was the major turning point in my life, I was now all alone.

I tried my best to keep the family farm in business and found that working every day helped to distract my mind from the major loss of my family.  The farm was all I had left of my family, my sisters horses missed them dearly and I had been avoiding riding the trails in fear their memories would come flooding back.

Now, I find myself having this overwhelming need to do good and protect, much like my father used to do when he was in charge of the farm.  I have distanced myself greatly from our community but still remain active at our church because I know my mother would want that for me.  I try to stay positive knowing I am keeping our farm alive and well and all our hard work wasn’t for nothing.  I want to continue to protect our family name in remembrance of my dearly loved family.

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