Apocalypse Starter Kit and Reading Reflection

The End Day apocalypse outlined a very realistic situation.  It was a pretty all over the place kind of video but something a little more likely to happen as appose to a zombie apocalypse.  They were based off of scientific or biological research.  A volcano irruption, mega-tsunami, killer meteor, virus, and black hole are all very probable but I think the black hole is the  most ridiculous situation.   I would probably panic in these situations especially the mega tsunami situation because my home town is Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This situation is the most frightening to me because my family would almost instantly lose everything and there would be very little chance for survival since we are at sea level.

The Routledge article had some really good information and examples pertaining to apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic science fiction.  It was very popular in the 20th century and a very popular tool for artists to use to express themselves and their stance on current events.  I think it is very true that this genre has captured such a vast following, mostly because it is so interesting. I think it feeds into our own fears of what might happen one day.

I chose to read the excerpt from “I Am Legend” and was genuinely interested and wanted to keep reading.  I loved this movie and I look forward to finding differences and creating my own imagery from reading the book.  I think the main character, Robert Neville, is not a character I would usually connect with, but the other does a really good job of capturing your interest and makes you want to root for him.

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