Week 4 Reflection

This week was definitely the most fun I have had so far and I might be a little obsessed with GIFs now!  I learned some super cool things that intimidated me a little at first… like the juxtapose… but after reading through help from my classmates I conquered this week like a boss!

I love photography and editing pictures to emphasize the best parts  of an image and I think this is a great tool for us to use to tell our story of The End.  Some of my favorite posts from this week were:

Alyssa’s super cool mutant picture!

Casey Spanitz reflections on the movie Mad Max because I felt the same way!

Question of the Week:

I definitely think a GIF can tell a story! I use them all the time in texts to tell my own story about a situation or how I feel instead of writing it out.  I think they make things wayyy more humorous for example…



I could say how upset I am about it being Monday… or I could just send that poor little kitty…



Or I could send that pupper when my boyfriend asks what I want to do tonight instead of typing out how tired I am and how I just want to relax and eat junk food.

PERFECT for lazy people like me who enjoy a few giggles here and there!


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