Week 10 Reflection


Seriously… who knew I might actually be good at creating something in this class?!  Almost as badass as Will Smith taking on some weird zombie dudes.

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Making videos takes a lot of time, but I really love how many options I have and how creative I could get with these assignments.  I am not gonna lie… I kinda really did not like the radio stuff, it was tough for me to figure out and I am so much more of a visual person.  I think it would be cool if we somehow figured out how to do one big class video of our journey to The End….

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Question of the Week

What question would you like to ask the class?

I would like to ask everyone… “Do you think we are going to survive The End?”

Sometimes I feel like we aren’t, or at least I’m not… but then I just keep pushing through and try to stay positive about the inevitable.  I have been so burned out lately… and I think I am starting to catch a cold or something, I am just not feeling great.

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