Video Assignment 2058
I really enjoyed doing this video assignment, it gave me time to reflect on some of my most favorite pictures and memories and tell you guys a little bit about my life!

Video Assignment 2031

This is a video collage of all my favorite pictures from my last year at UMW!  I can’t believe I am graduating in just a few short weeks! I will really miss this place and all the memories I have made here, but I am so thankful for the opportunities UMW has given me.

Video Assignment 1981

In this short trailer, I am using our radio show characters from The End Apocalyptic Airwave to give a glimpse into what we dream our journey through The End will look like for all of us.  Starring Sarah Thatcher, Winifred Hart, Carson Gordon, Alex Whitmore, and Joan Williams.

3 Replies to “Videos!!!”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed working with video this week. Had you ever done any digital video before? I agree with Josh that your preview for apocalyptic airwave is great — makes me wish you guys had done a video together! 🙂

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