Thinking About Photos

Tips For Better Photography Page:

There were several tips that really helped me change the way I think about taking photos.  One in particular was “change my perspective by changing yours”.  I took this awesome photo while I was at work from an angle I wouldn’t normally consider, but I think it turned out breathtaking!  I can’t wait to use these tips on the rest of my photography journey.


Abandoned America:

This photo from “Abandoned America” does a really good job using the tip “create depth” and adds visual depth with bright foreground and a dark background.  I think he uses his photography to capture loss by choosing scenes where it is still a remnant of what once was.  Especially in the photo above, it is complete distress and wreckage in the background, but he chose to take a close up of this bright and cheery toy that shows what once was.  I really like this and I think I would do this to portray my own apocalyptic aesthetic because it helps connect viewers to a story rather than just an image.



This assignment was pretty cool! it was nice to get creative with my photos and have some quick inspiration.  I will say 20 minutes flew by because I was having fun making each one of my photos and got a little side tracked.  Here are the photos I made:



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  1. Nice work with the Photoblitz. One tip: if you paste the instagram URL of each photo into a line by itself in WordPress, it will automatically embed! That allows you to show your pictures a bit larger and at a better resolution than screenshots.

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