7 Daily Creates For The Ending of The End


I think the creator of this daily create really hit the nail on the head with this one.  What a cool way to reflect on our time in DS106.  I definitely feel like I have learned so much!



Picking just one thing to draw a picture of what is most important to me was pretty difficult, but my labrador has been my rock this semester.  I really do think they can sense exactly what we need because he is always there for snuggles and kisses on my bad days.



Naming this cute guy was so fun! My horses name in real life is Beau so I wanted to give this guy something a little more creative.



This daily create was to make a gif out of a picture you already had and these sleepy pups definitely describe how I feel Monday mornings heading to work.



Make a haiku from a random word?  I am not poetic at all but I do love food so I gave it my best shot!



Don’t dream it, vine it… well I am definitely still dreaming of being on this beautiful beach in Florida.  My boyfriend’s sister got married over spring break and we visited them in Florida for the wedding and it was so fun! The beaches and weather were a perfect break from the cold and rain we were getting in Virginia.



Describe you mood… haha… well this has been me for the last couple of weeks trying to balance starting a full time job, graduating, and moving into a new house. Cheers to the end of the end!



Daily creates have consistently been one of my favorite assignments throughout The End.  They are a quick way to create something fun, some are more challenging than others and I have really enjoyed thinking more outside of the box from other’s ideas.

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