Week 6 Reflection

I LOVED THIS WEEK!!! I LOVE DESIGN!!! This was my favorite week so far… so freaking fun!  I loved being able to be creative and it came naturally to me.  I learned a lot on photoshop and built up  my character a little more with some of the media assignments.
We have officially created a group and I am excited to collaborate with them with whatever is coming up next!

Group dynamics can be tricky.
What’s been the most succcesful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

In response to this week’s question, the most successful group I have been a part of was the volleyball team here at UMW.  We were successful because we held each other accountable and used that as motivation to work as hard as we could towards our goals.  Everyone has a bad day here and there, but we were there for each other and picked up the slack for those who were falling behind. I think the key term to think about in this situation is TEAM… we knew we needed to work together well and we worked at that really hard.  Not every day was a good day but we all had a common goal and had to work as a team to reach that goal.


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