Design Assignments

This is the lost and found poster I created for Professor Burtis’ hat and I really hope it can help her to find it! HOW TRAGIC… IT HAS BEEN A STAPLE IN THIS CLASS

This is the design I created for my characters name, it is a little more psychedelic than I was going for but I think it embodies her “tough-girly”, good guy kinda personality.

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  1. I am obsessed with your Lost poster! I especially love the text you put at the bottom like I laughed so hard at the “not you!” part because it reminds me of those luggage tags that say “This is not your bag!”. I also really love the font you made for your character. I agree that it gives your character a tough girly vibe. In fact, the coloring reminds me of The Mary Tyler Moore Show logo (a good show). What was the process of creating your font and the vibe it has? I am very curious.

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