Peace Out, It’s The End

We made it to the end guys!!! This is my is my final summary post and it is really kind of bittersweet that this semester has reached its end, and I can’t believe that 16 flew back this quickly!

DS106 was really intimidating at first and I had no idea I would get so much out of it in the beginning.  I have really enjoyed every bit of this class learning about all kinds of new stuff with different media assignments and a genre I am secretly pretty crazy about now.  I think this genre really let us be the most creative because there were so many directions we could go with it.  I feel like I have accomplished a lot since the very beginning and I am actually pretty proud of myself for pushing through some of the things I was really scared about starting out.

Martha and everyone in DS 106, especially my awesome group members, really helped me to push the  limits a little and get more creative.  I’m glad that got to be a part of a group that was so ahead of the game and excited to work really hard on our radio show “Apocalyptic Airwave”. Everyone had their own little special thing to bring to the table that really made our group shine.  All our hard work paid off … I mean literally paid off we… we got prize money!  Digital Project Contest.

I honestly had no idea this was even a thing, but we put so much hard work into our radio show and building up our characters and it feels great that my group had the chance to be recognized!

For my final project I created a google map that shows the origins of the all characters that were a part of our radio show!  It is crazy to see how far everyone traveled to work together on Sarah Thatcher’s farm.  Everyone had very different backgrounds, but somehow they ended up together and were successful in helping each other survive THE END.