Assignment Revision

I decided to revise my design for my character’s name because I feel like her personality has evolved now and needs to show in her name.

I think this design shows the current position she is during the apocalypse, she has learned to be tougher and is a little more rough around the edges now on her journey surviving the end.

Week 6 Reflection

I LOVED THIS WEEK!!! I LOVE DESIGN!!! This was my favorite week so far… so freaking fun!  I loved being able to be creative and it came naturally to me.  I learned a lot on photoshop and built up  my character a little more with some of the media assignments.
We have officially created a group and I am excited to collaborate with them with whatever is coming up next!

Group dynamics can be tricky.
What’s been the most succcesful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

In response to this week’s question, the most successful group I have been a part of was the volleyball team here at UMW.  We were successful because we held each other accountable and used that as motivation to work as hard as we could towards our goals.  Everyone has a bad day here and there, but we were there for each other and picked up the slack for those who were falling behind. I think the key term to think about in this situation is TEAM… we knew we needed to work together well and we worked at that really hard.  Not every day was a good day but we all had a common goal and had to work as a team to reach that goal.


Design Reflection

Design is play. Play is engaging in childlike activity.  I agree with this 100%! I love design and I think it is the most playful, fun thing I have spent my time on.  I decided to take summer courses in interior design at my local community college, and they were the most amazing classes I have ever been a part of.

We were encouraged to think outside of the box, PLAY!  Of course we learned some design principles to keep in mind, balance, color scheme, proportions, contrast, focal point, harmony, and rythym… but it was up to us how we used those principles.  It was definitely like being a kid again, I appreciated the release of some creative energy compared to business classes I had been taking.  My professor was encouraging no matter how outrageous some of our ideas were.  She helped us figure out how we can remain playful in the work we do.

It is important to challenge the norm and use those basic principles to create really cool and sometimes crazy designs, just like Paula Scher challenged the constant use of Helvetica and did her own thing.

David Carson talks about our emotional connection to design and I think this closely relates to the things I learned in my interior design classes.  While interior design is much different from graphic design, it is still a form of design that we create to make someone feel a certain way.

When a client needs a space they can plop down and relax and read a book, we create soft, cozy nooks with accessible lighting.  It needs to be a secluded, quiet place that invites you in to cuddle up and explore a different world.

On the contrast, when another client may need a space where they can entertain and throw parties for their friends, we create open spaces with different seatings options for different situations.  There’s close seating for intimated conversations, group seating around a table or counter bar for eating and drinking. This space needs lots of lighting with dimmers and media options for tv and music, it influences conversation and engagement.

When a client walks into these spaces it should make them feel a certain way if the designer has done their job correctly and listened to their needs, the same goes with graphic design.  David Carson video was hilarious and I especially liked the assignment on making new signage for restaurant doors.. LOL

Design Blitz 

I chose to use my pictures from events I have done with the company I work for, most are from weddings but some are from a huge wedding show we just did where tons of businesses in the industry show off their best to future brides.

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All of these photos are from weddings done by the company I work for Waterford Event Rentals. Design is an important element in pulling off the perfect event. This first picture is a great example of repetition, it is uniform and eye catching! The second picture is contrast, the navy and white are contrasting colors and adds a pop to the tables. The third picture is alignment, perfect placement of plates, napkins and name cards make this table look sharp and intentional. The fourth picture is proximity, while this table seems to be tightly packed with plates, cups and utensils, the higher centerpiece helps to draw the eye to the center of the table. The last picture is a great example of color, the bright colors are enticing and make people want to approach it and grab a bite to eat! #ds106 #designblitz #theend106

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Design Assignments

This is the lost and found poster I created for Professor Burtis’ hat and I really hope it can help her to find it! HOW TRAGIC… IT HAS BEEN A STAPLE IN THIS CLASS

This is the design I created for my characters name, it is a little more psychedelic than I was going for but I think it embodies her “tough-girly”, good guy kinda personality.

Alternative Book Cover

Honestly, the dog in this book is the most important character, he deserves to be on the cover and also I wanted to portray its about zombies lol.  Without a companion of some sort I think the apocalypse would be much harder to get through


Storytelling with Photos

Photography and Narratives:
Pictures are a great way to help tell a story through imagery and scenery that portray emotions or events.  I am excited to get into the photography portion of our course and start adding characters and conflicts to the journey through my pictures.

Visual Assignments:

I chose this assignment because I thought it would be really cool to compare what I look like before and after the apocalypse to help tell my story a little more.  Here is the product using Juxtapose:



Your Favorite Photo?

This is my absolute favorite photo I have taken!  I love the lighting and the expression I caught in this moment on my horses face.  It is so hard to capture special moments like this and I love the way he looks in this moment! I think it helps to tell a visual story of a sunny happy day and a calm, loving animal.