Radio Broadcast Reflection

“Apocalyptic Airwave” is done and our broadcast went great!  My group put in so much effort and the process it took piecing it together would not have been successful without them.


Professor Burtis’ tweet pretty much sums up our whole show… Weirdly enough all characters already had so much in common before we even got started on the script. It was easy to bring them together into an epic story!  Not to mention, we had an amazing group of talented people.  The creativity and knowledge on audio editing made it a breeze and an I learned a lot I wouldn’t have without getting together as a group.

I loved tuning into others’ shows and while I was listening I could hear how much hard work they put into their shows too.

Weeks 7 and 8 Reflection

So spring break was awesome! I traveled to Florida for a wedding and spent tons of time with family soaking up the sun.  With only 54 days left until graduation…. SAY WHAT?! …. I have been really stressed and the break was much needed.

When I got back from break, my team had already done an amazing job getting the ball rolling on our radio show and it gave me more time to get back into the swing of things with school work and my job search.  It was hard to meet up with my team members due to our conflicting schedules, but I still feel like our show turned out amazing!

Tune into our show Wednesday night at 9pm to listen to all our hard work and Josh’s bomb editing skills!

Question of the week: 

If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

I would want to become a time-traveler with the ability to potentially travel back and forth in time to change the outcome of the apocalypse. It would be so hard to watch our world come to an end, and it would become very lonely.  If I could time travel I could potentially prevent the apocalypse from happening. If I could bring some kind of proof back that it was going to destroy everything, maybe the government and scientists could work towards preparing a solution for it.  I WOULD BE A HERO! … and also I could time travel and do super awesome stuff… so that’s cool too.

Audio Assignments

Here is a compilation of my absolute favorite sounds!  I love hearing my horse call out to me in excitement, the waves crashing down on the beach from the ocean, the sound of birds on the first sunny, spring morning and the timer on the oven letting me know the cookies are done!

I chose to do a 911 call from Sarah Thatcher (my character) to her local police station in an effort for her to figure out what is going on… but she soon realizes that she may be in more trouble than she thought when even the dispatcher seems to be in trouble….


Frequency 2156, Can You Hear Me Now?

First off… this is reallyyy reallyyy cool! Love this site.  I think the creators chose audio as the medium because I think it allows the listener to create their own images of who is behind the voice and fully immerse themselves in the stories. I think adding video would distort the cohesiveness of this story even more.  The story is a little all over the place from what I listened to due to the crowd-sourced audio but I still think it all has an awesome post-apocalyptic theme.

I think if I had created this story I would have it be more organized, and create characters that are more closely related beyond being alone, I think that would help the listener become more involved with the story. I like that it is from all over the world, even in different accents and languages and I think that really helped to tell the story of this world wide catastrophe.

Frequency 2156 Contribution:

I decided to build the story on my character of Sarah Thatcher being on a farm all by herself with only the animals left to keep her company.  I tried to incorporate some farm animal noises and make it seem as if she didn’t really know what was going on as she has distanced herself from the community quite a bit sine the loss of her family.





Week 5 Reflection

How are you feeling? Be specific.

I am just getting over being very sick last week and just like Professor Burtis said… I think I feel better now than I did before I was sick! I feel like I have more energy and appreciate being able to breathe through my nose so much more now.  This is my final semester of college… and let me tell ya, IT IS HARD.  Some of the classes I am enrolled in this semester are the hardest classes I have ever taken, but I am trying to utilize my planner as much as possible to stay on track.

This week was really tough for me… I was and still feel really unfamiliar with audio and the assignments took a lot of effort for me to comprehend this week but I kinda enjoyed a challenge.  Writing is something I am familiar with so it was fun to do something a little different!

One other thing that was really new to me this week was doing a self-evaluation, I have done something similar at work but never for school.  I think it is a great tool to have us reflect on the amount of effort we are actually putting into the course… it made me second guess myself a little bit if I could be working harder and that motivated me to strive for excellence as the course proceeds.

Reading and Resource Reflection

Before this class, I had zero experience with audio and it has honestly been pretty intimidating.  I really like how Jad Abumrad paints this picture in my head without pictures in his description about the importance of connecting through radio.  Co-imagining is a really cool concept that I had never really though too deep about, but it is so true and I think especially in radio it is very relevant.

We relate everything we hear to an image in our head, when he spoke of walking up the stairs I knew exactly what sound that was and could picture him walking up to work on wood stairs in hard-soled shoes.  Even though he didn’t describe that at all, my mind created an image from what he was saying.

Abumrad describes radio as being modern story telling, and I totally agree.  I tune into XM radio sometimes in the morning while I am driving to listen to the morning talk shows, and it is so cool how technology has allowed us to listen to stories live from people across the country and across the world.  He also speaks about how technology lets us create and change sounds that helps us imagine different images than before.

His videos and the audio resources have really inspired me to get rolling on my own audio journey and become more comfortable with it.  I was really unfamiliar with Audacity before this assignment and love how it seems to have the technology Abumrad mentioned that allows us to alter sounds to create now images!

Character Choice and Intro

My name is Sarah Thatcher and I grew up in small town in Southhampton County, Virginia.  My parents owned a cattle farm with many other animals like horses and chickens and pigs, there I learned the importance of a strong work ethic and protecting the family.  My father was the leader of our wolf pack and worked hard every day to provide for us and protect the home and land we lived on.  He made so many sacrifices to ensure we got by.  My mother was love and caring and the backbone of our family.  She was the main support system for us all and just as important to our security as my father.

I had two younger sisters that were just as intelligent as they were beautiful.  I like to think that they looked up to me, and I tried my hardest to be a good example for them.  We spent every morning riding the trails on our horses, laughing and loving one another. Some of my favorite memories of us are from when were riding.  We didn’t have much but we worked hard and were so thankful that we had each other at the end of the day.

Tragically… that all changed one day.  My mother, father and sisters and I were returning from church in town one Sunday afternoon when an 18 wheeler struck the back of our pick up truck.  The truck rolled and crunched and when I woke up… I found out that I was the only survivor.  This was the major turning point in my life, I was now all alone.

I tried my best to keep the family farm in business and found that working every day helped to distract my mind from the major loss of my family.  The farm was all I had left of my family, my sisters horses missed them dearly and I had been avoiding riding the trails in fear their memories would come flooding back.

Now, I find myself having this overwhelming need to do good and protect, much like my father used to do when he was in charge of the farm.  I have distanced myself greatly from our community but still remain active at our church because I know my mother would want that for me.  I try to stay positive knowing I am keeping our farm alive and well and all our hard work wasn’t for nothing.  I want to continue to protect our family name in remembrance of my dearly loved family.