Reading and Resource Reflection

Before this class, I had zero experience with audio and it has honestly been pretty intimidating.  I really like how Jad Abumrad paints this picture in my head without pictures in his description about the importance of connecting through radio.  Co-imagining is a really cool concept that I had never really though too deep about, but it is so true and I think especially in radio it is very relevant.

We relate everything we hear to an image in our head, when he spoke of walking up the stairs I knew exactly what sound that was and could picture him walking up to work on wood stairs in hard-soled shoes.  Even though he didn’t describe that at all, my mind created an image from what he was saying.

Abumrad describes radio as being modern story telling, and I totally agree.  I tune into XM radio sometimes in the morning while I am driving to listen to the morning talk shows, and it is so cool how technology has allowed us to listen to stories live from people across the country and across the world.  He also speaks about how technology lets us create and change sounds that helps us imagine different images than before.

His videos and the audio resources have really inspired me to get rolling on my own audio journey and become more comfortable with it.  I was really unfamiliar with Audacity before this assignment and love how it seems to have the technology Abumrad mentioned that allows us to alter sounds to create now images!

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