Radio Broadcast Reflection

“Apocalyptic Airwave” is done and our broadcast went great!  My group put in so much effort and the process it took piecing it together would not have been successful without them.


Professor Burtis’ tweet pretty much sums up our whole show… Weirdly enough all characters already had so much in common before we even got started on the script. It was easy to bring them together into an epic story!  Not to mention, we had an amazing group of talented people.  The creativity and knowledge on audio editing made it a breeze and an I learned a lot I wouldn’t have without getting together as a group.

I loved tuning into others’ shows and while I was listening I could hear how much hard work they put into their shows too.

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  1. It was really cool to watch from afar as you guys came together as a team on this show. A great example of how group work can and should work in ds106!

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