Frequency 2156, Can You Hear Me Now?

First off… this is reallyyy reallyyy cool! Love this site.  I think the creators chose audio as the medium because I think it allows the listener to create their own images of who is behind the voice and fully immerse themselves in the stories. I think adding video would distort the cohesiveness of this story even more.  The story is a little all over the place from what I listened to due to the crowd-sourced audio but I still think it all has an awesome post-apocalyptic theme.

I think if I had created this story I would have it be more organized, and create characters that are more closely related beyond being alone, I think that would help the listener become more involved with the story. I like that it is from all over the world, even in different accents and languages and I think that really helped to tell the story of this world wide catastrophe.

Frequency 2156 Contribution:

I decided to build the story on my character of Sarah Thatcher being on a farm all by herself with only the animals left to keep her company.  I tried to incorporate some farm animal noises and make it seem as if she didn’t really know what was going on as she has distanced herself from the community quite a bit sine the loss of her family.





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